XYZ Robotics Picking Station

Release Date: 2019-12-11
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XYZ Robotics provides the ultimate solution to the piece picking challenge. Powered by the model-free vision technology and the quick-change tooling system, XYZ Picking Station can reach the world's leading efficiency of 900 pieces/hour. It only takes customers a minimum of 1.5 years to cover the investment.

1  Model Free
SKU full coverage
Easy-to-deploy. Our perception system automatically identifies novel SKU pick points without model registration, including fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, apparel, consumer electronics, medications, and packaged food in various shapes and materials.
2  Tool change
slow-speed play
Patented adaptive switching of suction cups or grippers based on the SKU geometry and material property broadens the range a single workstation can handle. Single switch speed: 0.6s.
3  Advanced Motion Planning

3.5s for one pick (<500g)
Shortest path algorithm of robot motion planning along with the speed advantages of perception and tool changer, our robot's picking efficiency can reach the worldwide highest of 900 pieces/hour.
4  Gentle Placement

lower 2cm above
The back-end placement algorithm enables the robot to lower the SKU from 2cm above the placement point without damage to the item. Place gently with the picking efficiency reduced by less than 10%.
5  ROI Minimum 1.5 Years
ParameterXYZ RoboticsManual
Speed900 Pieces/Hour600 Pieces/Hour
Working Hour24 Hours/Day10 Hours/Day
Order Picking Accuracy> 99.5%>99.5%
1 workstation replaces 3 workers

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